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We provide professional grade, high-performance at-home nail care products that are easy to use and limit the user's exposure to harmful substances.

Are you tired of sub-par DIY gel nail products and kits that don't perform? Are you wanting to start over without breaking the bank? Look no further!

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Unmatched Standards

Every touch point of our business is mindfully executed to facilitate a high-touch, high-quality experience for our customers. We exist to ensure they feel happy and satisfied by the lasting, exceptional standard of our unique offerings.


Where Quality Meets Convenience

We want to challenge our audience’s assumptions on how accessible and effective a DIY salon-grade gel manicure can be. We provide an expertly curated range of tools and products that are safer, easy, and enjoyable to use in the home.


Unlocking Self Expression

We challenge outdated industry conventions and practice out-of-the-box thinking that offers our community a safe space to explore and play to their creativity’s content. Our expansive, three-tier range of products ensures our wide audience feels included in our story.


Nail Your Self Expression

As industry leaders and educators, we are proud of our expertise and feel warm about our impact on elevating the gel nail space for everybody.

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